Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chalk mural

Chalk Mural Critique

Self evaluation (must write at least 3 sentences for each question)

1. Explain your experience working on a team and executing your ideas for the mural.
I think our team worked well together.  We each had different ideas and we mixed them together to make a rollercoaster which was the best idea out of them all.  One person would do one thing and then one person would do another and we would shade it at the end.
2. Explain the importance of collaboration when working on a team.

It is very important to collaborate with your group because you get better ideas.  When you collaborate then you get better topics and your project turns out better. 

3.  How successful was this project? Explain how and why.
I think it was very successful because the shading looks good and the scene looks really.  It is very interactive.
4. Explain how you feel about creating artwork that others can interact with. Ex. Invoving the whole school? 
I feel good because others can have fun with it whenever they go by and they can take pictures with it. 

Printing Sketch Critique

1. Why is texture so important to have in your sketches?It shows what is actually in the picture because you are going to need to show the different textures in the print or else some will blend and you won't be able to see the picture.

2. Why is it neccessary for you to have several references of each animal and each background? Explain.
what you know, not what it actually is.It gives you a good look on what you need to draw because if you had no reference then you really would be drawing from

3. When you look at your sketches are you able to see which sketch is the strongest and will make the best print? How do you know this? 
yes because one of my sketches has more texture than the other so it looks better.