Art 2 Final Portfolio

1. Overall, I think my whats the point project was my best. There was a long process of practice to figure out whether I was going to use  pencil or pen. Pencil won because it was harder to make mistakes. Shading was very hard for me at first because it was never dark enough. I took many tries at making it darker and darker until it finally was noticeable. I had to show a little bit of variety so I made clouds with the stippling technique. It turned out better than expected and I was very pleased.  The shading looked way better than i thought it would and it was by far my favorite project throughout the semester.

2. For the project when we had to carve into the book I went through many obstacles.  I kept cutting through the pages that i needed to keep. I ripped out so many pages of the book because they didn't go with the book. I also kept cutting my fingers on accident because they kept shooting off the book.  There were many times where the pages would get stuck together and i couldn't cut through them so I had to rip them out and then trim them with the xacto knife. The first layer was the easiest but from there it was all downhill.  The layers became thicker and bigger.  Cutting through small areas was nerve racking.   I pushed through to the finish and then i glued the layers together and painted with a variety of colors to show the difference.

3.There was a big jump in artistic ability this year and I was very surprised by it.  In the first painting I painted a bees nest.  I learned how to shade right at the beginning of the semester and that came to good use very quickly.  The project was the same as my whats the point because it took many layers of paint to show the shading of the trees and also the bees nest.  I looked very closely at pictures of actual real life bees and nests to make sure I portrayed the full real life aspects.  For my up close and personal I chose to draw a lady bug because they are so tiny and seeing them up close is really interesting.  This project had a good impact of my growth of artistic ability.  I would not have  been able to show what the ladybug body was actually like without studying pictures of them and cross referencing them with other ladybugs.  i struggled with the shadow on the outside but I think now I could make a really good body shadow for it.

4.  I personally benefited from being able to choose what to use for my projects.  It really opened up my mind and had me really think about what would go good with what and how I could make it work.  For example:

In my mixed media project our theme was amusement.  I was so stumped at the beginning that I couldn't start the project.  Then I looked back our practice units and saw how i could make a collage.  Our class did small units that helped us practice techniques and get better at them.  They were a great big help and helped me find out what I did for my mixed media assignment.  I used my knowledge of what amused me and what comes to mind when I think of amusement mixed with other things and made my final product.

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