Art 1 Final Portfolio

1. My favorite and most successful project this year was the stencil project.  We used all types of tools in art to make the stencil.  My favorite part was that I was allowed to choose what i wanted to do my stencil on.  First i made a collage of many random photos and pasted them on my paper.  I then took water color and painted over the collage with my paintbrushes.  I used contrast to make different spots stick out then others.  Then i used the computer to photo shop the image and change the way it looked so i could see where the light hit and where the light didn't hit.  A projector projected my photo onto a wall and i traced the photo.  I shaded in areas where there was a dark shadow.  Where the light did hit i left blank. With a tool called an exactoknife, i cut out all the parts that i had shaded in.  After that i laid my stencil on my collage and used spray paint to fill the spots i cut out.  I realized that the contrast between the bright spots and the shadows really shows what the image looks like better then just tracing it.
2. My game board drawing is my starting point of when i began to improve on my art.  Everything seemed to have been coming together at that point.  The lights and the darks were starting to come into perspective.  The two point and one point perspective drawings really helped with this drawing because it showed me where all the lines should go.  I used cool and warm colored water colors and i used colored pencils.  My art before this project was missing contrast and texture.  That's why it always came out so boring.  At this point in art i started to try a little more.  My art was not being at its best before and i think i could've done a lot better.  I turned myself around and gave a little bit more after this project and my art started to gradually get better.  All the colors i used go very well together and really make the finished project eye popping.  i did have trouble with painting very light over the surface but overall i think the paint came out okay in spots. 
Overall i have enjoyed art ever since i did this project.
3. The landscape painting was the last project that we did and i put all the stuff i learned in this painting.  I used contrast, and texture to bring out the values in all the areas.  I mixed primary colors to get secondary colors and then made intermediate colors from there.  when i had most of the colors from the color wheel i started making the tones which are the tints and shades of colors.  All of these steps are what make this project worth it.  The acrylic paint is so fun to use and makes your time well spent.  For this project, i believe that i came a long way and really tried hard to make this a good painting.  I believe this was one of the hardest projects but was also the most fun one.  Most of the tools i got from this course were used in making this last project.  This painting compared to the game board drawing shows how far i have came since then.  The change in the way i shade and the way i add texture has become a whole lot better than before.

4.  I thought that the prints project in the middle of the course was the least important.  I really didn't get much out of this project except for contrast and that is in every project we do.  This project was fairly easy to do but almost seemed pointless at the same time.  Everyone would have done just the same if we didn't do this project at all.  There really was nothing to it.  I learned almost nothing from it. If i had never done that project i would still be at the same place as i am now and i would be totally fine with that.  The only thing i liked about the project was cutting the linoleum with the cutting tool and drawing the image of my favorite animal the lemur.
5. This project i did was probably the one i most connected to.  First of all i love working with clay and second i have always admired sharks shooting out of the water.  This clay tile always reminds me of the movie Jaws which i really watching.  Every time i go to a aquarium i am always amazed by the shark exhibit.  In this project i used clay, and the acrylic paint colors(burnt sienna, blue, white, black, grey, silver, red and gold.  i also made many different tints and shades of both blue and grey.  All the grooves in the water area show the values on the water surface and the contrast in colors of grey on the shark show where the light hits him first.  The main reason i like this clay tile is because of the shark jumping out at you.  This 3D effect made by the clay is one of my favorites.  This project was also one of the hardest projects that we did mainly because making the shape of the shark never came out right.  I like challenges and i always have liked challenges and that's why i stuck it out and pulled through this project.


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