Friday, December 7, 2012

Stencil drawing

For my stencil drawing i picked mount rushmore and changed the threshold so i could see what i wanted to cut out with my xactoknife after i sketched it out.  When i cut all the parts out i then spraypainted it in black.  My background was a collage of all sorts of creatures in the wild and used watercolor to make it look blue and green.

Game drawing

For my game drawing i started out with a monopoly board and placed pieces around it.  I took a picture of the board horizontal and then used 2 point perspective to sketch what it looked like.  i used watercolor and lightly went over all the colors that were in the picture.  Then i used colored pencils and shaded all the colors and colored all the white space in.

anamorphosis drawing

First i found an image of what i wanted to do for my anamorphosis and then transformed the scale of the image in  photoshop to where my picture was elongated.  Then i drew a grid on the picture and in my sketchbook so i could sketch the image in the appropriate spot.  I colored it in with colored pencils and added different values to my sketch.  I added a shadow in the back to show the picture was standing up and took a picture of it in a place where it looked like the sketch was 3D.