Sunday, May 31, 2015

Art 3 Final Exam Blog

I take risks
Printing was and never has been a strength of mine when it comes to art but i thought i should try it. It did not come out like i thought it would but im just glad the print process worked. Using the cutters was new to me. I struggled at first making all the cuts precise but eventually they were deep enough to start putting ink on. I practiced several times trying to get the print to be completely dark woth ink but i just couldnt fully get it to work. I ended up using the red backgroud to bring out the darkness of the devil pigprint  and overall eventhough i didnt really like the drawing i did enjoy the printmaking process.

 We collaborate
This collaborative project started as just a splatter paint onto a black backgroudn but with the ideas from Claire and Hannah, their feedback drove us to add more to the  painting. We then began working on an alien which then gave us the idea of having more aliens and creating a space scene. Mr. Sands went over the importantance of shading with me and helped us a bunch on bringing our painting to life. Overally i was very impressed with my group and myself on a great final project.

Out of all my projects to redo i would definately choose my word art project. 
I think i wow'd myself with this one project because i didnt think i had the articstic ablility to make the depth so realalthough it was a grear project i do geel as if i rushed theough it and missed out on opportunities where i could have made it better. For example if i had taken more time i would've made the word go deeper into the book and actually have it look as if it were shrinking into the book. Also i would've painted it with more purpose because it doesnt look like i took my time with the paint job. But overally the project was a succes and i would gladly do another one just like it inthe  future given the chance!

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